Watch the CG cutter Alder break the ice in Duluth


  1. Irene/Isa says:

    Adoramos!!! não imaginávamos que isso tudo é possível…parabéns por tanta tecnologia 🙂

  2. Wow! That was really great! Thanks for posting this Ken.

  3. MARY DEVINS says:


  4. Paul BaDOVINAC says:

    I just watched the Barker depart AT 4:15 03/17/11.
    Beautiful sight, we are finally here.


  5. Just watched the video. GREAT CAMERA WORK. Very interesting


  6. Is it just me or does it look like the side of the bridge that was just painted is darker than the other?

    • I think the paint needs to ‘cure’ in the air before its true color comes out. If i remember, the same thing happened with the north tower; it eventually turned out good Ken

  7. So close to open water… just a few feet.

  8. This afternoon the Blue Heron was out in the turning basin breaking ice; the lift bridge went up 2/3, but the boat backed out of the canal and continued breaking in the harbor. This was about 2:15P

  9. Thanks for the great video. Love all you show us of Duluth — keep up the great work! Diana — Iowa

  10. Great video! Love the tour of the harbor.
    If I remember right there was allot of dredging in the harbor last fall. I bet that and the powerful propeller on the Alder stirring up the water causes allot of the brown color.

  11. Donna Hames says:

    Made us feel that we were right there on board with the crew. Thanks for a great video.

  12. The YouTube version of the Alder mission is great. I like the exhaust burble from the engines as she enters and leaves the dock. I am surprised at how subdued and effortless the icebreaking looks.

  13. the new video is perfect. thanks, ken!

  14. Ruth Crawford says:

    Thank you for another amazing video.

  15. Ken you have such an interesting job. Thanks for all you do to show us the year-round happenings in the Duluth Harbor.
    Joan I’m with you on your ideas, that would be cool to see that.
    Glen I also agree with your theory on the brown water, it makes sense.

  16. so excited to see the ship schedule for next thursday, march 17!

  17. Re: water under the ice

    I think harbor water is mainly from St. Louis River watershed – carrying organic material from pine woods, swamps, bogs, etc.

    Anyone else have a theory?

  18. Sandy Colyer says:

    Why does the water under the ice look so tan in color?

  19. Moving right along… despite the ‘brash’! Thanks for the ride! (N)ice boat….

  20. That was so cool – literally and figuratively. Thanks Ken for the fantastic video. Is it possible to get permission to be on the lift bridge and film while a ship is going under this summer? Or get a video from the deck of a ship as it’s coming in?

  21. that is cool

  22. Incredible!! Thanks, Ken!


  23. Paul Badovinac says:

    Ken, AWESOME VIDEO. I know we are getting close now. Rock & Roll.


  24. THAT WAS AWESOME! Thank you Ken!

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