Ice, wind, cold but not much snow

East wind of Lake Superior attacks Duluth shoreline
It was a cold and windy day on Monday, February 21, 2011, as it was the day before. On Sunday, the tent that was built over the south tower of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge was torn to shreds by gusts of wind up to 69 mph. The tent was there to protect the bridge painters from the wind and cold, and to keep the material they were scraping off the bridge before painting from us. Probably worse is all the ice from Lake Superior that has now filled the north end of the harbor. The ship canal is full of ice; yesterday it was all water. Click here for a short video I took this morning. It is a bit choppy since I was trying to stand upright on ice and keep the camera mostly still. I kept some video in while I walked from my car to my ‘spot.’


  1. Hi Ken,
    Thanks again for the lake video. I have spent many a day watching the big waves of Lake Michigan-summer and winter. I love the lake when it is has the huge waves. It is a most awesome place! I chickened out this winter and am in Georgia with my grandkids. I don’t miss the cold, but do miss the lake. The power of the wind and water! God’s work is something to behold!

    Rita from Zeeland

  2. Paul from St Paul says:

    Great shots of the lake Ken!!
    Good sized rollers with the ice chunks in them look cool.
    Does all that ice crunching around make much noise??
    Looks like you were over near where the Burger King use to be.
    Also looks like there was quite a bit of spray up in the parking lots the last few days. Everything looks pretty ice coated.

  3. hello to mary and jill!
    the wonders of mother nature!
    thanks, ken!

  4. All I can say is AWESOME!! Thank you Ken for filming this for those of us who aren’t there.

  5. Oh Ken, I’m still shivering from watching your video! Those chunks of ice in the waves as they came rolling in to shore — I’ve never seen anything like that before in my whole life! I’m glad to know you didn’t fall walking out to your “spot”, because from your upside down video, it appeared that you had! I still remember that same location from last summer when it was full of people standing on the rocks, throwing frizbees, and just being out enjoying the sunshine. Now it looks just unbearable, and the tarp over the south end of the bridge looks like a ripped up tissue! Hang in there Ken, and all you great folks up there. Spring is coming your way because I’m sending it up there as fast as I can. As always, Ken, you video is great!


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