February 17, 2011; bridge still not moving

I took this off my web cam that for 10 months of the year is watching the ship traffic come under the bridge. The other two months (as in now), it sits watching the bridge not moving (and we still have folks tuning in). This year, we have the added attraction of the south tower being painted (last winter, the north tower was painted). That should be done by the middle of March for the beginning of the next shipping season. Of course, all the action takes place under, or inside, a tent which renders the shot doubly ridiculous. TV was not invented to watch a bridge get painted under a tent. Actually, radio would not make much of an improvement. But for a niche product like the Duluth Shipping News, it works fine. You may notice the fog around the bridge; it arrived earlier this afternoon, foretelling a big wind and very cold temperatures and even some snow, soon. For two days now, it has been like spring, almost.

Kenneth Newhams :