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Crew change for the Federal Agno

Trading crews in Duluth While Duluth is an international port, we don’t have some of the usual things associated with an international port. After all, we are in Minnesota, just north of Iowa. For one, we don’t have any salt water. And most international ports don’t close down for the winter, one of the benefits of living in a salt water port. Ocean-going vessels come into port, load or … [Read more...]

Ice, wind, cold but not much snow

It was a cold and windy day on Monday, February 21, 2011, as it was the day before. On Sunday, the tent that was built over the south tower of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge was torn to shreds by gusts of wind up to 69 mph. The tent was there to protect the bridge painters from the wind and cold, and to keep the material they were scraping off the bridge before painting from us. Probably worse is … [Read more...]

A big wind opens a door into the Aerial Lift Bridge front (back) door.

Click here to see live video of the bridge from our web cam at the Duluth Shipping News web site. Click here to see a short video taken this afternoon (Sunday, February 20, 2011). … [Read more...]

February 17, 2011; bridge still not moving

I took this off my web cam that for 10 months of the year is watching the ship traffic come under the bridge. The other two months (as in now), it sits watching the bridge not moving (and we still have folks tuning in). This year, we have the added attraction of the south tower being painted (last winter, the north tower was painted). That should be done by the middle of March for the beginning of … [Read more...]

The dawn of a new day in Egypt

Check out Thomas Friedman’s column in the New York Times yesterday (February 10, 2011), written hours before Hosni Mubarak stepped down from the position he has held on to for 30 years. Antigovernment protesters and Egyptian soldiers during Friday prayers in Tahrir Square from Ben Curtis/Associated Press in NYT Friday, February 11 … [Read more...]

CN derailment in West Duluth

According to the Duluth News Tribune, these two cars are 2 of 17 cars that derailed on Thursday morning, February 3, 2011, close by the CN Docks in West Duluth. The cars were empty and no one was injured. The picture above was taken Friday morning; they have not yet been moved although equipment to do so is on the scene, just out of the picture to the left. … [Read more...]