Munson last boat to arrive for Winter

The John G. Munson came into port this morning (January 19, 2011). She is the last of 10 boats that will spend the winter in the Duluth Superior port. She was assisted by the Heritage Marine tug Nels J. The tug is helping the Munson get close to the dock after which the boat will slowly move forward, kicking the ice along the dock out as the boat moves along the dock until she is alongside and tied up just south of the Murphy Fuel Terminal.


  1. Paul from St. Paul says:

    The American Mariner is in Toledo, Ohio.
    It won’t be in Duluth/Superior this winter.

  2. -30???????? Oh, my word! Stay warm up there, y’all!


  3. Okay, Peg, I’ve been told she’ll be at Duluth or Superior.


    • Not sure how she will get here; especially after out -30 or lower temps tonight. A ‘well placed” source told me the American Mariner will not behere this winter, but i checked boatnerd and their layup list is bland for the am

  4. Wait a minute, Peg. American Mariner is not at Fraser. Sorry!

  5. Hey Peg! American Mariner is at Fraser Shipyards.

  6. Where did the American Mariner go for layup? She was originally scheduled for arrival at Garfield C on Jan 17.

  7. Is there any use of bubblers around the hulls of these boats, or are they left to freeze in place?

  8. Christy from St. Paul says:

    Enjoy your site, your pics and your info all the time!!! It’s going to be a long rest of the winter without being able to watch boats come in and out on the web cams! When does the shipping season generally start up again? Is it in March?

  9. Enjoyed your shots! As always, enjoy your website!

  10. Paul from St. Paul says:

    Now that all the boats are in for the winter, does the ALDER, and other tug boats, quit breaking up ice in the harbor, or is there a reason to keep a path broken open??

  11. sorry, she’s in the same place now as when i asked the question, so i guess that’s her spot! thanks, ken!

  12. we see the munson on the harbor cam…is that her winter spot, or will she ease on around the corner?

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