H. Lee White, first winter layup boat …

… arrived on January 4, 2010. She (H. Lee White) is the first of an expected 11 boats that will be in the Twin Ports for winter layup this year. She went straight to Fraser Shipyards where she will spend the layup. (picture courtesy of Mary George)


  1. a.g. wilson says:

    Love the sight and cams. Peruse them nearly every day. I started school in Grand Maris ’til I was 12, and those were grand times! The huge piles of pulp wood, big booms of logs, and a huge [seemingly] vessel putting in to load those logs. And the ‘pickle boat’ that served Isle Royal. Always wanted to make the trip on her but never got the opportunity. Love the North Shore, and its a frequent destination for us. Live in Wy. now and the internet helps fill the gap. Just decided, after 4-5 million miles in 49 states, that is where I want to live!!

  2. Raymond Hubbard says:

    I love this web site. Duluth is such a fun city with canal park and all the ships coming and going.

  3. thanks, brian!

  4. Somewhat of a chill? Oh Brian, only a boy from Minnesota would call it that! Thanks for the info. It looks like Duluth will have a lot of great boats staying over for the winter. Maybe Ken will keep us informed as to what is going on with them!


  5. Holly. I had the opportunity two winters ago to be aboard the Edwin Gott during its February layup in Duluth. The day I was there mechanics were busily at work overhauling the engines of the boat, while others were aboard doing various minor repairs throughout. The carpets of the guest area looked to have been newly shampooed. I imagine that the cost of letting a boat lay idol for repairs during the shipping season is so high that all but the most necessary work is slated for the winter layup. I was surprised at how much was actually going on. One thing I remember is that while many were busy at their jobs, the heat in the boat was off. A large metal boat sitting in very cold icy waters made for somewhat of a chill.


  6. ken, would you give us more info on the winter lay-up process?

  7. MN Rose in AR says:

    Ken, thank you so much for all the work you do keeping the cams going so we who are far away can enjoy. Once the harbor is shut down for the winter will the cams still be on line? Do they have a schedule for raising the bridge during the winter shut down months? Will the bridge be painted in the cold of winter? So many questions but I have been told you are the ship guru…..


  8. Sad day! Don’t let the season end!

  9. SCOTTtheBADGER says:

    That photo ia amazing! With the rime of ice on the ship and the pier softening the edges, it looks almost like a painting. Beautiful!

  10. Welcome to Duluth, Miss White. I know you will enjoy your stay!


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