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Around 7:30 this morning (December 26, 2010), the James R. Barker (left) departed Duluth with 58,000 tons of coal for Minnesota Power at Taconite Harbor. The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. (right) had spent a good part of Christmas Day waiting at the Murphy Fuel Terminal for the  Barker to finish. With the  Barker on her way out, you see the McCarthy moving away from the dock as she began the short trip to the Midwest Energy Coal Dock in Superior. Below, notice the black dots on the ice beyond the Barker. Those are fishing shacks. I myself do not like to be in a shack on the ice when I can see open water out the door. But then, I wasn’t born in Minnesota.
Mesabi Miner passes the Walter J. McCarthy as she departs Duluth


  1. Kerry Eggert says:

    I noticed in your picture of the Mesabi Miner passing the McCarthy the the ship you call the Miner looks to be something else. If you notice on the bow you will see a first name, a middle initial and a last name? Am I seeing things? Also it looks like the unloading boom is a little different than the one on the Miner where it connects on the boat. Love your Website and this ole boy from North Dakota can’t get enough of them ships. Me and my wife come once a year just to sit and watch the ships come in. Oh, and to shop.UGH!!

    • I just put that in there to see if you were paying attention. LOL Thank you very much for the note. I had even spelled Miner 2 different ways. Hopefully all is well now; thanks Ken PS The Miner did depart Duluth at 11:03 that morning so i was close!!

  2. Looks like coal and iron loadings are going full steam right into the winter this year. Maybe the economy is finally starting to come around a little.

    Fishing in a shack on ice you can probably feel heaving from the water moving around from those ships and the lake? Not for me.

  3. Greg Hayden says:

    Ken said: “But then, I wasn’t born in Minnesota.”

    Ya mean ya moved to Duluth on purpose? I was born in 1940 in Duluth but moved to SoCal 1970. Why? Well, maybe because I need go mow my lawn today December 26.

    Greg Hayden

  4. ice fisherpeople are a different breed of cat! the crazy kind!

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