Indiana Harbor into port

The Indiana Harbor, one of 13 thousand footers on Great Lakes, arrived Duluth
The Indiana Harbor came into port this morning (December 22, 2010) to load 64,000 tons of coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. She will  depart here to deliver the coal to Detroit Edison power plants in St. Clair, Michigan before returning around the 27th to do it again.


  1. And Ruth, not only do you have a great Burns Harbor, but you have a boat named after it, too. That would be ASC’s Burns Harbor! A huge boat for a big shipping port. Merry Christmas to you, Ruth, and you, Paul, and you, Ken!


  2. Merry Christmas, Jill! And Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this web site! Merry Christmas, Ken! Keep the pictures coming. It feeds my hunger for the lake boats and is most satisfying! This season is almost over, but next season is coming soon.

    Rita from Zeeland

  3. Paul BaDOVINAC says:

    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all on the Web Site. Looking forward to a great shippiong season next year. I know Ken will be at his best in describing it.


  4. Ruth Crawford says:

    Several years ago while watching the Indiana Harbor come through the locks at the Soo, the women standing next to me said “I didn’t know thery had any harbors in Indiana” I was glad to inform her that we have several, at the big mills and at Burns Harbor, that is a big shipping port.
    Ruth from Indiana

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