Ice is nice

On Monday, the American Century came into Duluth with a boat load of ice. The salt water ship Orsula can be seen at anchor waiting to come in to load wheat for Italy. On Tuesday she was in and loading wheat at CHS1 in Superior (just below). Ice is the news of the day as you can see in both pictures. Where there is ice, you will often find the Nels J. out breaking the ice. I was on the Orsula working with a production company from the twin cities that was up here to find out what happens in the port. We sent some of them out on the Nels J. and below, we came back to pick them up as the big tug was pulling up to her dock in Superior. Yes, it was cold!!


  1. Bob McCormick (Alabama) says:

    A fascinating site. I am a native of Saginaw, Michigan and was always fascinated by the freighters coming down the Saginaw River bringing coal and salt. I am an oldtimer just now developing a great interest in Great Lakes Shipping after a lifetime consorting with aircraft. Ironically, I have relatives named “Moe” living in Duluth and have not seen them since I was a mere lad, before the Mackinaw Bridge was built. A visit to Duluth is in the offing. Great site.

  2. Paul from St. Paul says:

    I just watched the AMERICAN MARINER come into the harbor. (Sat 12-18). There was what looked like a bride and wedding party at the wall waving as the boat came in. Looks like a little cold and snow didn’t bother them at all !!!
    St. Paul, MN.

  3. Merry Christmas, Rita! It makes me cold just to sit here and look at these pictures. I hope everyone is doing okay up there, people both on and off the boats!


  4. I watched American Century go through the Soo Locks and there didn’t seem to be that much ice on her. I am thinking she came in in ballast, so the added weight of the ice was not a problem. Will they allow for ice when she is loaded? How do you walk on deck or get the hatches open? How much of the deck is actually ice covered? Sounds like a cold and slippery situation to me. Thanks for the pictures, Ken!

    Rita from Zeeland

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