Irma here for 17th trip

The Irma was launched from a shipyard in Japan on December 10, 1999. Above, she is arriving in Duluth 10 months later. I was so excited to visit the brand new ship that I took a lot of pictures, including this close-up of the ship’s new whistle (inset), complete with a green button to get it going. On her 2nd trip here, in August, 2000, she loaded steel coils in Europe that were discharged in Cleveland and Burns Harbor before coming to Duluth. Most cargo ships that come to Duluth to load grain have discharged another cargo in a couple Great Lakes port before arriving. Sometimes, Duluth is the port where the last piece of inbound cargo is discharged although not on the trip she is making to Duluth November, 2010. As she always has, she will load grain here.
Kenneth Newhams :