Duluth Shipping News webcam ….

… caught the Indiana Harbor departing Duluth late in the afternoon of October 23, 2010. Click here to watch the live action on DSNTV, unless of course there is no boat traffic under the Lift Bridge; then you can watch the cars go over the Bridge


  1. sharon Dallmann says:

    I would like you to send information to jazzmnjoe@aol.com and photos. We will be comeing to Duluth onOct 15th 2011.

  2. Grand Marais really got it. Thanks for all your efforts.
    I’m sure we will get some rollers up the canal sometime
    this next month.

  3. Hi Ken!

    Thought I’d let you know, now that I have watched this about ten times, that this video has everything! The winds kicking up from the approaching storm, the people all bundled up in their coats, the sounds of the boat whistle and the bridge, and your comments all make for one of the best videos you’ve done. Thanks!


  4. Incredible storm! But nothing on Duluthshippingnews???

    • I was waiting but it went above me and below me and mostly the wind came from the west instead of the east; not a good think when you are trying to get good (bad) storm pictures; i was ready but most of it went south

  5. Greg Hayden says:

    At first viewing the video I thought it was taken from on board, but wondered why the grain elevators did not move. A video taken from on board would be neat, either coming down the channel leaving or arriving. Or have you already done one of these?

    I only got my FIRST broad band internet connection October 21, I just would not pay what they wanted. Around here, San Diego area, you could not get just a fast internet access from the usual suspects. Awhile ago SBC advertised on TV $12.95 a month but when I called it was actually $114.95 a month since you also had to buy 360 channel TV and a digital phone.

    But my 2005 machine died a few weeks ago and the PC guy who fixed it turned me onto dslextreme, a reseller that sold me sbc dsl ONLY for $12.95 + $2.88 for something, a total of $15.83 monthly.

    So now I am catching up on online videos. I saw a neat one this morning from a link on MARHST-L:


    The Edwin L Drake is a WW II Liberty Ship built in Baltimore during the war that ran aground in the Azores in 1964, exploded and sank. Today it is an artificial reef supporting myriad underwater creatures. The video has a computer animation of the ship on the ways in Baltimore being built and views of her final resting place. For instance they show an animation of her steam triple expansion engine being placed in the hull, then underwater views of her engine today.

    Worth a look.

    Greg Hayden
    Vista CA USA

  6. There has been nothing moving on the lake for about 24 hours now – except some mighty big waves. The weather buoys out in the middle of the lake are reporting waves of close to 19 feet as of now (7am central on Wed).


  7. Biggest low pressure system tonight since the Edmund Fitz
    went down in 1975. Isn’t there a web site somewhere that
    tracks live ship traffic on Lake Superior? I’m guessing
    nobody is on the lake tonight at all??

  8. We randomly went to the Lift Bridge area, when we were in Duluth, in 2007. It just so happened that the Mesabi Miner was working it’s way from the Blatnik Bridge to the Lift Bridge.


    Have been watching ships on the cams, ever since!

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