Hello to Afrodite

Captain Stilianos Mamouzelos will be taking his ship, Olympic Miracle, under the Lift Bridge sometime late this afternoon or early evening (Monday, October 4, 2010). They loaded a cargo of wheat to take to Italy, probably the port of Ravenna. Of course going under the Lift Bridge puts him front and center on the Duluth Shipping News web cam. Watch the ship depart Duluth and try to catch the Captain waving hello to his wife, Afrodite. She will be watching from their home on the Greek island of Limnos in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Above, the Captain is seen just outside the ship’s bridge on Monday afternoon.


  1. The web appears to be live instead of watching the ship as described.

  2. Paul Badovinac says:

    Reminds me of a story. Several years ago my wife and I took a Mediterrean Cruise. Our itenary took us close to the Greek Isles. The Captain of our cruise ship was Greek and from one of the Greek Isles (I don’t remeber the name). As the tale goes, he told the inhabitants as he was growing up, that if he ever became a ship captain and passed close to his home Island, he would blow the ships horn.
    It just so happened that on this cruise we did pass close to his home island, and he blew the horn several times. That is when he told us the story.
    Kind of neat.

    Galveston Island

  3. Rats!! It was dark and I couldn’t tell what was going on. I hope his wife could see it better than I could! Ken, you’re such a romantic person!


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