Duluth a busy port

Sitting at anchor off the Duluth piers while they wait for a dock is, from left to right, the John B. Aird, Calliroë Patronicola and Africaborg.  The Federal Yukon is out of the picture, to the left.


  1. Paul Badovinac says:

    All questions answered. Hope the crewman is OK. Thanks

    Galveston Island, Tx

  2. Ken,
    I don’t know anything else regarding the Block’s medical emergency. I wondered if a launch came out from the Coast Guard station to retrieve the sick person, allowing the Block to make her turn and again depart.

  3. Hey
    i took the picture coming down the hill from Skyline drive; still pretty high up though and just a couple blocks west of Lake Street. Regarding the Block, i had seen her leave and then did a double take when i saw her at anchor; why did they come back but not go in; did the guy get better??

  4. For anyone who caught the Joseph Block’s unexpected turn around last night, it was indeed because of a medical situation of some sort. That information is from Dennis over at duluthharborcam.com.

  5. Jill’s comment was submitted but must have been blown away by your local inclement weather?! She just wanted to know where you were standing when you took that picture. I thought it was somewhere near the Beacon Pointe Condos.



  6. You must have been on the trail running?

  7. I noticed, watching the Duluth Superior AIS last night (9/22), that the Joseph Block departed Duluth in the early evening, made it roughly an hour down bound, turned and returned to Duluth. It did not not dock, but sat in the Duluth harbor basin for perhaps twenty minutes before turning around and again departing Duluth. My wife said, “Maybe they forgot something.” That would be an expensive ‘forget’. I wondered if it might be a medical issue or something. Does anyone know?

  8. Hey Ken!
    I’ve been trying to decide where you were standing when you took this picture. What do you think, Paul?


  9. Paul Badovinac says:

    Neat picture. Keep up the good work Ken.

    Galveston Island, Tx

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