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Containers to Duluth

bbcrhine20100902_4023Duluth is not a container port; container ships are usually too large to get through the canals and lock systems on the Great Lakes. But we do get containers. The BBC Rhine came here on September 2, 2010 with wind turbine parts loaded in Aarhus, Denmark for Manitoba. In addition to 20 large base units below deck in her cargo holds, on her deck at the bow of the ship was a large stack of containers. It turns out you need more than the big pieces to put a wind turbine together; all the smaller pieces are delivered to the final site in containers.

Indiana Harbor departing Duluth

… on Sunday, September 5, 2010. She carried 64,000 tons of coal to Detroit Edison. This was her 19th trip out of the Twin Ports this season. This video was from Duluth Shipping News live 24/7 cam at: