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Olympic Melody, one of many salt water ships coming to Duluth

The Olympic Melody came into the Duluth harbor on September 29th, 2010 with the aid of two Great Lakes Towing tugs, the Kentucky on the stern and the Minnesota, just disappearing around the bow of the ship. She loaded grain at the CHS terminal in Superior.

Wind turbine parts by train

A train loaded wind turbine parts in California and brought them to Superior and then over the Grassy Point Bridge to Duluth and to Lake Superior Warehousing. There the pieces were taken off the rail cars in the same place they take them off the ships. They were then taken by truck to another part of the Warehouse and put in lay-by until they will be picked up and loaded onto trucks for the trip to the final destination in Manitoba. The picture shows 2 views of the train approaching the 27th Ave bridge over I-35. They had crossed over the Grassy Point Bridge about 45 minutes earlier.

Duluth a busy port

Sitting at anchor off the Duluth piers while they wait for a dock is, from left to right, the John B. Aird, Calliroë Patronicola and Africaborg.  The Federal Yukon is out of the picture, to the left.

One out and two waiting in the Port of Duluth

isatwoships20100914_4355 The Isa departed Duluth around 6 pm on September 14th, 2010 with a cargo of grain. Still waiting at anchor off the Duluth piers to pick up their grain cargos are at left and partially hidden, the Africaborg and Calliroë Patronicola.  The Federal Yukon is out of the picture, to the left.

Polish Steamship new build in Duluth


The Miedwie ended her maiden voyage in Duluth in September, 2010. Here she is loading a cargo of wheat she will take to Belgium. She is set to depart today (September 13, 2010) and will top off her cargo in the St. Lawrence River before heading out into the ocean.