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Olympic Melody, one of many salt water ships coming to Duluth

The Olympic Melody came into the Duluth harbor on September 29th, 2010 with the aid of two Great Lakes Towing tugs, the Kentucky on the stern and the Minnesota, just disappearing around the bow of the ship. She loaded grain at the CHS terminal in Superior.

Wind turbine parts by train

A train loaded wind turbine parts in California and brought them to Superior and then over the Grassy Point Bridge to Duluth and to Lake Superior Warehousing. There the pieces were taken off the rail cars in the same place they take them off the ships. They were then taken by truck to another part of the Warehouse and put in lay-by until they will be picked up and loaded onto trucks for the trip to the final destination in Manitoba. The picture shows 2 views of the train approaching the 27th Ave bridge over I-35. They had crossed over the Grassy Point Bridge about 45 minutes earlier.

Duluth a busy port

Sitting at anchor off the Duluth piers while they wait for a dock is, from left to right, the John B. Aird, Calliroë Patronicola and Africaborg.  The Federal Yukon is out of the picture, to the left.

One out and two waiting in the Port of Duluth

isatwoships20100914_4355 The Isa departed Duluth around 6 pm on September 14th, 2010 with a cargo of grain. Still waiting at anchor off the Duluth piers to pick up their grain cargos are at left and partially hidden, the Africaborg and Calliroë Patronicola.  The Federal Yukon is out of the picture, to the left.

Polish Steamship new build in Duluth


The Miedwie ended her maiden voyage in Duluth in September, 2010. Here she is loading a cargo of wheat she will take to Belgium. She is set to depart today (September 13, 2010) and will top off her cargo in the St. Lawrence River before heading out into the ocean.

Alder welcomed home to Duluth from the Arctic

Saturday morning, September 11, 2010

Alder almost home from the cold for more cold

Alder commander Mary Ellen Durley reports that the Alder should be coming under the Lift Bridge on Saturday morning, around 9:00, possibly later depending on weather. She sent along a picture of the Alder as they were passing by a Greenland glacier. The coming Duluth winter shouldn’t be much of a challenge now; no glaciers anymore! Just ice and some fog once in a while.

Busy traffic at the Duluth piers today

20100909_4214I took the picture of the traffic between the Duluth piers this afternoon (September 9, 2010. The Marine Tech dredge has been around the piers for several weeks now, clearing out the channel, particularly at the edges where silt and sand have a tendency to collect. Their tug Callie M., at the far left exchanges 2 different scows; she brings an empty one out and trades for the one just filled and takes it back to Erie Pier. She then repeats the process, again and again. Click here to listen to their whistle as they depart under the Lift Bridge on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. At right, the Canadian flagged Kaministiqua is departing Duluth between the piers with a cargo of grain. In the middle are two salt water ships at anchor waiting to come into port. The Beluga Fairy, built in 2009 and  making her first trip to the Twin Ports, is sitting just behind the Isa, a Polish ship that has been coming to Duluth on a regular basis since she was built in 1999. Unseen in the picture at top but seen at the left and also at anchor, is the Africaborg, built in 2007 and making her first trip here.

An old new build and a new one

The Isa has been at anchor off the Duluth piers for several days waiting to come  into port to load grain. (At left, she is approaching the Duluth entry in October, 2004). Eleven years ago, on August 27, 1999, she came to Duluth at the end of her maiden voyage. Captain Edward Bobrowski picked her up at the shipyard in Japan and promptly  brought her to Duluth (after a couple other stops). (That’s the Captain talking to Beth and Mary at the Maritime Museum in Duluth during the ship’s first visit.) Duluth is at the end of all trips west by ships on the Great Lakes and we had a good time in the pilot house during a welcoming party. (That’s Barbara Reyelts from Channel 6 at the party.) The Isa was one of the first ships from the Polish Steamship Company to come to the Great Lakes in place of a long line of Polish ships, built in the early 80’s, many of which started out with the word Ziemia, ie the Ziemia Chelminska and the Ziemia Suwalska.

Later this week, we will see another brand new ship from the Polish Steamship Company, the Miedwie, coming to Duluth to load wheat for isa2007Nov12_5135Portugal. (That’s the Miedwie bottom) and the Isa (right) at the Duluth anchorage during a visit in November, 2007.) The Miedwie entered the the St. Lawrence Seaway around August 31st. After stops to discharge steel in Cleveland on September 2nd and Burns Harbor yesterday, she is expected here on Saturday.


Containers to Duluth

bbcrhine20100902_4023Duluth is not a container port; container ships are usually too large to get through the canals and lock systems on the Great Lakes. But we do get containers. The BBC Rhine came here on September 2, 2010 with wind turbine parts loaded in Aarhus, Denmark for Manitoba. In addition to 20 large base units below deck in her cargo holds, on her deck at the bow of the ship was a large stack of containers. It turns out you need more than the big pieces to put a wind turbine together; all the smaller pieces are delivered to the final site in containers.

Indiana Harbor departing Duluth

… on Sunday, September 5, 2010. She carried 64,000 tons of coal to Detroit Edison. This was her 19th trip out of the Twin Ports this season. This video was from Duluth Shipping News live 24/7 cam at:

The Paul R. Tregurtha departs Duluth …

on August 31, 2010 with a cargo of coal. This video came from the live video stream Duluth Shipping News provides at