Indiana Harbor arrives Duluth …

Indiana Harbor arrives to load coal on September 5, 2010; this clip taken from the live video stream that is always available at


  1. Matty B. – Just echoing Jill’s remarks! We plan to return to Duluth next year to watch more boats going under the bridge. Incidentally you could sign up for Grandma’s Marathon June 18, 2011 too, if you are interested in adding a little extra on your trip!

  2. Come on over, Matty! You’ll love it! You just can’t beat hearing those boats blow their salutes, the bridge rising up to the top and returning the salute, the wind blowing in your face, and all the boat maniacs standing there watching the whole thing. And this goes on day and night!! Let us know when you’re coming!


  3. Stumbled across this sitting in my office in South Gippsland, Australia….It’s a world away but I love it..! A must see on my trip to the US next year..! Well done!

  4. Paul Badovinac says:

    Hi JIll:

    Just watching and hearing the whistle blasts, gives me goosebumps. I guess that is what us Laker boat people love.

    I have a question for Ken.
    Now that there are fewer boats sailing the lakes, what effect does this have on the graduates of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in finding employment. Or can they also apply to shipping companies that sail the oceans?

    Galveston Island, Tx

  5. Hey Paul!
    Can’t you just feel the wind blowing in your face when you watch this? Ken, this is great! The Indiana Harbor is a great boat. Thanks so much for filming it for us poor souls who can’t be there in person.

    Miss you Ken,


  6. Paul Badovinac says:

    As usual, great footage and commentary.
    Thanks Ken

    Galveston Island, Tx

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