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Canadian Enterprise departs Duluth

with a cargo of grain. This video came from the live video stream that Duluth Shipping News provides at our web site at … [Read more...]

Indiana Harbor arrives Duluth …

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Please upgrade your browser to see the video. Indiana Harbor arrives to load coal on September 5, 2010; this clip taken from the live video stream that is always available at … [Read more...]

Our U.S. Coast Guard cutter Alder is getting serious about ice and cold

LCDR Mary Ellen J. Durley sent a note down to Capt Tom Mackay, most of which is repeated here. I have included a picture she sent me also; not sure who took it: ALDER has become a Blue-Nose and joined the Polar Bear club by sailing above the Arctic Circle. We are currently on our journey home, but I won't be able to give an exact time or date. The crew is very excited … [Read more...]

Watching the dredge

The Duluth ship canal is officially a ship channel, meaning it is maintained at a depth of around 30 feet at all times so that large 1,000 footers and ocean going ships can move safely thru the channel on their way in and out of Duluth. To maintain that depth, the channel has to be periodically dredged since wave action and propeller blades can build up silt, especially around … [Read more...]

Kim Storm

On November 17, 2005, Kim Storm was alone on a very cold night, taking a picture of the Stellaprima (left) as she approached the unloading dock at the Port Terminal with heavy cargo loaded in Japan. The next day, still very cold and snowy, workers began to discharge the cargo onto waiting railcars for the long trip to Alberta. Kim was back again to take more pictures and over … [Read more...]