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Tall Ships in a line

Saturday afternoon, July 31. 2010

The Tall Ships in Duluth

The Denis Sullivan came into port around 5:45 in the afternoon, the last of the 9 Tall Ships for the day. You see the Dutch flagged Merweborg on the right; she is anchored waiting for a dock to load grain.
The HMS Bounty (above) led off the parade
The Roald Amundsen arrives (above)
The US Brig Niagara, above and below, also missed but looked good doing it
The Roseway (above) comes in
The Europa (above) arrives
The Pride of Baltimore above and below; they missed us
The Zeeto (above) arrived just before the Coaster.
The Coaster, above was the 8th of the first 8 Tall Ships to come under the Bridge; the Denis Sullivan was delayed by weather but should be here late this afternoon.
Above, the Roseway is raising her sails to out into the Lake. Well next see her when she comes in with the other 8 tall ships at 2 today. She was in to pick up media. I was invited but looked around and could see that none of my staff had come to work today; so I had to stay home and take care of my media, which actually, I am doing right now. Below, the Coaster II was already at the DECC (below). Both will go back out to the Lake to be a part of the Parade of Sail.

The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge has been stopped in place …


since she went up for the Joseph H Block. Actually, I presume until shortly after the Block went under the bridge since it did start to go down. Go here to see the live video of the bridge; not a lot of action, but…

The bridge is now operable at 7:33 pm

Power went out during an electrical storm; perhaps after the Block went under and the bridge had started to go down. For some reason, it was not level and at that point, as a safety measure, the descent is automatically stopped. They then had to manually lower the bridge or actually lower at least one side until it became level. That happened and it appeared that they then turned the job over to the computer again and she came down without a problem; cars and people started over immediately and there was lots of horns honking. The bridge even blew her whistle to presumably thank everyone for their patience.

8:10 the Bridge was raised, presumably to test it. It appeared to work.

Catch the Tall Ships when they are in Duluth

Eight Tall Ships, the Roseway, Denis Sullivan, Zeeto, Roald Amundsen, Pride of Baltimore II, HMS Bounty, Europa and US Brig Niagara will be arriving in Duluth on Wednesday, July 28th. Click here to see our web pages on the ships, with links for more information. And if you can’t make it down to the harbor for the big event, watch it live on DSNTV. I hope to have two live cameras on the Grand Parade of Sail on Thursday afternoon at 2, perhaps the single most exciting event of the trip. And daily live video during the festival. If you have taken photos of any of the ships while they were at other ports, and want to share them, send to me with a title and credit line and I will try to post it here.

A visit from the Calumet is …

… always appreciated, and so she was as she came into the Duluth harbor early Sunday morning, July 18, 2010.