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Two Canadians; one lift of the Bridge

As I pulled into my parking lot this morning, the bridge was up so I scampered across the street to see who was coming. I was not the only one scampering to see the Algosoo. I ran into my office to make sure DSNTV was working (Microsoft sometimes thinks it is a good idea to reboot my computer when I am not there; they always forget to turn the camera back on); ran back out to catch the Algosoo in the harbor, found the bridge still up and there was the Canadian Olympic arriving right behind her. The Algosoo went to the CN dock in West Duluth to pick up iron ore pellets; the Canadian Olympic waited for the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. to finish loading coal at Midwest Energy.

Express service from Duluth to Antarctica

clelia20090704_8707 The Antarctic is as close as a trip on one of two ships that will be in Duluth this summer. The cruise ship Clelia II will make 5 trips here this summer, the first coming tomorrow, Saturday June 26, when she comes under the Lift Bridge around 6 am. If January in Duluth in not cold enough for you, you can take a trip on the Clelia II to Antarctica, leaving Argentina on January 4th or February 2nd.Europa Bolle wangen South Pacific (c) Brett Yates 250x350 pix If you are in a hurry to get to Antarctica, get aboard the Bark Europa, a tall ship coming to Duluth this summer. They leave Argentina for Antarctica on November 11th, December 22nd, January 14th and May 2nd. Both of these excursions offer at least a short visit to Argentina.

Wind turbine train #2 departs Duluth

The second and last of two trains that carried wind turbine parts originally loaded onto two ships in Denmark and discharged at Duluth left the Port Terminal today (June 22, 2010). Here it has just emerged from the BNSF rail yard in Duluth on its way beside I-35 to the Grassy Point Bridge and then into Superior on the first leg of its journey to Casper, Wyoming. The pieces will later be taken by truck to their final destination, Duke Energy’s “Top of the World” 101.2-megawatt project in Converse County, Wyoming. Like the first unit train on June 4, this will be a joint move by Union Pacific and BNSF Railway.

Not as close as it looks but …

… thousand footers don’t waste any time when they are in line to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. This picture was taken around 8 am on Monday, June 21st from the pilot house of the Indiana Harbor. We were moving in just as soon as the Mesabi Miner cleared the dock. Both boats loaded coal for Detroit Edison power plants, the Mesabi Miner to St. Clair, and the Indiana Harbor to plants in both Monroe and St. Clair.

A hug from Grandma …

… after finishing Grandmas Marathon; what could be better!
Well, maybe a hug from your sister the finish line security guard. Donna Philippot, from Minneapolis, ran the race; her sister Lynne Osterman, took care of security at the finish line, at least until Donna finished her race.

More pictures from Grandmas 2010



BBC Sweden delivers wind turbine hubs …


… to Duluth on June 12, 2010. Employees at Lake Superior Warehousing are seen moving a hub into place on a shuttle trailer that took the piece to another part of the warehouse (above). Gantry crane #1 was used. At left, you see the crane pulling another piece from the BBC Sweden’s cargo hold. The base support of crane #1 is at right of picture. This is the second of 2 shipments to Duluth from Siemens in Denmark. See Metsaborg discharge HERE. Both shipments were taken to Wyoming.