April morning in Duluth

It is April 14th, 2010. We are warmer than usual but not green. Grandma’s Marathon is a couple months away and the sidewalks are filled with runners. The Sundew is getting ready to move on to her next life with Jeff Foster, and the William A. Irvin will open as usual in May. The Federal Polaris joined the party mid morning. Currently (noon), she is at the inner anchorage waiting for the Iryda to complete loading grain at CHS1 in Superior.
And that’s not enough, the Wizard of Oz came to town and is setting up shop at the DECC auditorium for a show tonight.


  1. Marvin Lewis says:

    I love Duluth, watching the ships come into port is really a fantastic sight. I make it to Duluth the last week of September every year and have a great time. My wife and I hope to ride our harley there this summer. Marvin lewis, Louisville Kentucky

  2. Jill, I attended Siena college in upstate NY. My buddy’s name is Brian Wolters. He always talked about Alabama especially when it was -10 and we were measuring the snow in FEET! I have personally never been to Duluth myself, but like you, I hope to get there some day. For now, Ken does a fantastic job in allowing us to experience Duluth and its Harbor. Thanks Ken! Talk to everyone soon.

  3. Jill Jones says:

    Mike, where did you go to college? Mountain Brook is a suburb of Birmingham. Occasionally, we Southerners will venture out of our neck of the woods and go up north. Have you ever been to Duluth? I can’t imagine seeing all these boats in person. I hope to, though, one day. Hope you are having some warm weather, too.

    Mountain Brook, Alabama

  4. Ken, that’s a terrific shot of the berths looking back up the slope into Duluth. Once it starts greening up there that will look even nicer! Jill, I had a friend/teamate in college that was from Mountain Brook! Take care all….

    Boston, Massachusetts

  5. Jill Jones says:

    Ken, these are great pictures and the colors are wonderful! Bless y’all’s hearts, you can finally get out and enjoy some nice, warmer weather. Hope you have some time to enjoy it, too!

    Mountain Brook, Alabama

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