First ocean going ship of the season


The Federal Elbe has been at anchor off the Duluth piers for several days. She is set to come in on Wednesday morning around 6 am. She will go over to the CHS dock in Superior to load 23,700 tons of durum wheat to take to Italy where the cargo will be made into pasta.

Our new online (and live) TV channel (DSNTV) will be on the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge all night and should catch the ship when she comes under it around 6 am on Wednesday morning.


  1. Magne Nordang says:

    I made my first calls in the area in 1955,and I seem to remember that the St.Lawrence seaway and the Great lakes where closed to shipping from beginning of November till the middle of May.Would be grateful to have my memory corrected on the matter.
    Yours M.N

  2. Magne Nordang says:

    I the year of 1978, I made a call at the port of Duluth,arriving on apr.20 with the ship m/v”Sunray”.I later came to think of this as an early date for transfering the St.Lawrence seaway without seeing any iceproblems on the way.I wonder if it is possible to find out the “first arrivals”from the midfifties and onward to the end of the seventies.And I hope its possibel to obtain such info. from one source or another.Would be very grateful to be led to the source?
    Sinserely yours
    Magne Nordang

  3. i love this new webcam thing! its great how its informal, and you can watch the boats come in just as if you were there on the pier! and the icing on the cake is how you talk about the boat when it comes through. keep em coming!

  4. Mike from Boston says:

    For whatever reason my mind seemed to rationalize that the Salties didn’t start calling on Duluth until at least June?? Either way, get that wheat moving! I also second Paul’s question Ken. Hope all is well.

    Mike – Boston, MA

  5. Jill Jones says:

    Hi Paul! Ken’s videos have made it possible for us Southerners to see what it’s really like to watch the boats come into the harbor! Now, if we ever get the chance to go up there, we won’t look so much like tourists, but rather seasoned experts who know what to look for! I’m still waiting for the American Victory, complete with her Southern Boy captain, to take off into Lake Superior with her new coat of paint! Thanks again, Ken, for all your work. Wish you could enjoy some of this mid-80’s weather we’re having down here.

    Mountain Brook, Alabama

  6. This is so fun to watch, we come up to Duluth every summer and love the area. This is great and keep up the great work. Love the comments and info about the ships. Why doesn’t the Canadian ships say a “hello” to the lift bridge? The best part of watching the ships come in is the blast of the horns between the two of them. Thanks again for a job well done! Luana, Long Prairie, MN

  7. Paul Badovinac says:

    Hurry up and get that wheat to Italy, those Italians love their pasta.
    Ken: maybe an unfair question, but I will ask the expert.
    Approximately how many Salties call at Duluth during the shipping season, and has there been a record year?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Hi Jill
    Paul Badovinac
    Galveston Island, Tx

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