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Two ships passing in the early evening

The Peter R. Cresswell came in for iron ore pellets while the Mesabi Miner was leaving with coal.

American Integrity finally gets going

americanintegrity20100427_0073 … leaving the port for Two Harbors on Tuesday afternoon, April 27th,

Federal Polaris departs Duluth

federalpolaris20100416_2241The Federal Polaris was built in Japan in 1985. Here she is departing Duluth, making the turn toward the Lift Bridge on Friday night, April 16, 2010. Unlike many salt water ships that come to Duluth, she has kept the same name, so far, throughout her life on the high seas. She is 600 feet long and painted bright red, typical colors of Fednav boats, her owner. This is her 14th trip here since 1997.

April morning in Duluth

It is April 14th, 2010. We are warmer than usual but not green. Grandma’s Marathon is a couple months away and the sidewalks are filled with runners. The Sundew is getting ready to move on to her next life with Jeff Foster, and the William A. Irvin will open as usual in May. The Federal Polaris joined the party mid morning. Currently (noon), she is at the inner anchorage waiting for the Iryda to complete loading grain at CHS1 in Superior.
And that’s not enough, the Wizard of Oz came to town and is setting up shop at the DECC auditorium for a show tonight.

Two vessels mark a good beginning



The Federal Elbe was the first foreign flagged vessel of the year. On Wednesday afternoon, April 7, 2010, while standing on the bridge I got a good look at the spouts at CHS 1 sending durum wheat into the cargo holds of the 655 foot vessel. I moved to the other side of the bridge and got a good shot of the St. Clair, spending her last day at Fraser Shipyards after arriving on December 27th, 2008. Bad economic conditions kept her in port all of last year, but early this morning, April 8, she left the Port with 40,000 tons of coal for her namesake port, St. Clair, Michigan and the home of Detroit Edison. She will be back in a week to do it again, a good sign of an improving economy.

Federal Elbe: First saltwater ship of 2010

Arrived: April 7, 2010 at 6:14 am
The Cyprus-flagged Federal Elbe became the first saltwater ship of the season when she came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on April 7, 2010 at 6:14 am.
She began her voyage in Italy and will load (below) nearly 23,700 tons of durum wheat for pasta production in Italy.
Click here for more about the Federal Elbe.

First salt water ship of the season


With an assist from the Great Lakes tug Kentucky (and the North Dakota, unseen here but off the bow of the ship), the Federal Elbe slowly made her way to the CHS dock in Superior to load a cargo of durum wheat for Italy. She is going under the Blatnik Bridge.

First ocean going ship of the season


The Federal Elbe has been at anchor off the Duluth piers for several days. She is set to come in on Wednesday morning around 6 am. She will go over to the CHS dock in Superior to load 23,700 tons of durum wheat to take to Italy where the cargo will be made into pasta.

Our new online (and live) TV channel (DSNTV) will be on the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge all night and should catch the ship when she comes under it around 6 am on Wednesday morning.

American Mariner into port


The American Mariner arrived in the Duluth harbor around 10:30 am on Thursday, April 1st; no fooling. I also caught her on my new web cam which you can check out at DSNTV. I am in test mode here and happy to hear your comments. At the moment, I have a camera in my office running sometimes all day and night. If I am in, I follow the boat with my camera which has a nice zoom lens also. I am only a one person operation, so it won’t be up all the time (last night, Microsoft thought it would be good to update my computer and they rebooted it and dropped my nice night time view of the bridge). I will also have a remote hook up sometime soon. The American Century is due to depart early this afternoon and you should be able to watch her depart on DSNTV.

April morning

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