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The bridge is in the bag!

The North Tower of the the Aerial Bridge is getting a paint job.

Big news at Fraser Shipyards

Fraser Shipyards President and COO Jim Korthals today (February 16, 2010) had two big projects to talk about. He first detailed the specifics of the work that will be done at Fraser using a $2 million grant Wisconsin Congressman David Obey helped get for the shipyard. In the picture, he (Korthals, right) is pointing out areas in the shipyard where over 420 feet of sheet piling, or dock wall spacing, will be repaired with the money. That is a project that will begin as soon as the funding arrives. Congressman Obey is on the left.
Already in full gear is the addition of Lake Assault Boats to the Fraser family. Purchased by Fraser two months ago, the company was moved to the shipyard, along with their 58 customers in 13 states. With this addition, Fraser now builds patrol, fire and rescue boats, as well as hunting and fishing boats, the first boats the company built. Several of them were on display at Fraser today. Members of the Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade were there to show off their recent purchase of Lake Assault boat. The picture below tells the story.

Several months ago, Jeff Foster purchased the Sundew …,


… the former Coast Guard cutter that was built in Duluth in 1943 and served many years here before retiring into the tourist business. Happily, very happily, Jeff plans to maintain the Sundew’s presence in the Twin Ports. Here he is checking out his new purchase on February 15th. He plans to start working on the ship in the beginning of April so he can take her out of her home for the last 5 years and put her back in the Twin Ports waters again. He is not sure yet what is in store for the future, but being seen a lot in the Twin Ports is very much a part of the plan. (Pictures from the Sundew’s past)

One bridge, no boats

bridgepainting20100206_1430 The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge painting project continues. The scaffolding is almost to the top (below)  and the tents to protect us from flying chips of lead based paint are starting to appear (Saturday, February 6, 2010). Some folks think the concern about lead in paint is overdone, but it is funny, the closer you are to the chips, the happier you are with the tents. Of course, the tent will keep the painters warm; no such luck for the scaffolding builders. Painting is set to start on Monday.bridgepainting20100206_1404