Getting ready for a long winter rest

The James R. Barker came into port on Tuesday afternoon after her last trip of the season. Boatwatchers aren’t the only ones who like to take pictures. Captain Tim Dayton took this picture of the ice fog surrounding his boat as he was crossing Lake Superior.
Later he arrived in Duluth and tied up at the Murphy Fuel Dock. That’s some deckhands taking the quick trip to the dock so they can tie the boat up and start loading some fuel for winter layup. Three of them made the trip to the dock and the boat was tied up.
Very quickly, workers from Murphy Fuel were on board getting ready to pump. Meanwhile, Adele Yorde, Public Relations Manager, Duluth Seaway Port Authority, made her way to the pilot house to take a look at some of Dayton’s pictures.
Later, Dayton downloaded the pics so you might see some of them in an upcoming issue of the Port Authority magazine.


  1. Fun pictures, thanks for the inside look at the end of the season activities. Looking forward to maybe seeing some more of the Capt. Dayton pictures also-fun to see the captains view sitting way up there in the pilot house. Going to miss no ship action-for everyones sake, lets hope 2010 is a busy shipping year. WB from Mpls.

  2. Kenneth Newhams says:

    The Roger Blough is still here and will probably not spend the winter here since she will not be able to get back here before the Soo Locks close (assuming she departs in the next couple days).

  3. So I take it the Roger Blough isn't coming to duluth for winter layup?

  4. Firebottle3 says:

    Thanks for all that you do, Ken. I am able to "go home" through your website and photos. I'm also shivering at the thought of a Duluth winter. I haven't had to experience one many years.

  5. Ken:

    Thanks again for the wonderful year of reporting.
    Can't wait for the shipping season to start again, probably you also, as spring and summer will be arriving in Duluth.
    I wonder if those Barker crewman draw straws to see who goes over the side, a little scarry.

    Galveston Island, Tx

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