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Painting the bridge; nice winter work?

bridgeatnight20100128_1392 Last night (January 28, 2010), the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge was all lights as workers from Rainbow, Inc in Minneapolis erected scaffolding they will use to paint the north tower of the bridge. Next will come a large tent that will cover the scaffolding and the tower while they sandblast the old paint off, down to the steel. Then 3 coats of paint will be applied; all this to be completed by March 17 when the first vessel traffic of the season will be able to move under the bridge. The bridge cannot be lifted while the work is being done. Just above the entry for auto traffic, you can see large steel beams that will provide the first floor for their work, leaving the basement level for auto traffic.

Three boats for winter

At the far left, the John G. Munson sits at her winter rest. On the right side, the American Integrity is docked at Berth D and on her right, the American Century sits at Berth C, all at the Port Terminal.

Blough departs Duluth …..


… at 1:45 Thursday afternoon. She is leaving too late to get here for winter layup, as originally planned. The Soo Locks will be closed by then. More on the Roger Blough

Soft news from the James R. Barker; turning the electricity on and packing to go home

The James R. Barker came into port for winter layup on Tuesday afternoon (next entry down). Wednesday morning, it was time to ready the boat for her winter stay at Midwest Energy. That will last until around March 15th. One of the first jobs was connecting the boat to shore power (above). A large electrical cable is being lowered onto the dock to be dragged to the Shore Power box (lower left of collage).
While the boat was readied for winter, the crew was getting ready to go home. The halls were filled with stuff ready to go. Crew member John Woodward is seen taking his bags from his room on the boat out to a basket on the deck. As one crane was lifting equipment onto the deck from the dock to be used in one of the many maintenance projects planned for the winter, crew member bags were lowered to shore in the basket. One good reason for the basket is the ladder you see in the picture. It is not fun, if even possible, and certainly not very safe, to carry anything down the ladder that requires one of your hands. Hands are for holding onto the ladder; everything else goes over the side in a basket.

Getting ready for a long winter rest

The James R. Barker came into port on Tuesday afternoon after her last trip of the season. Boatwatchers aren’t the only ones who like to take pictures. Captain Tim Dayton took this picture of the ice fog surrounding his boat as he was crossing Lake Superior.
Later he arrived in Duluth and tied up at the Murphy Fuel Dock. That’s some deckhands taking the quick trip to the dock so they can tie the boat up and start loading some fuel for winter layup. Three of them made the trip to the dock and the boat was tied up.
Very quickly, workers from Murphy Fuel were on board getting ready to pump. Meanwhile, Adele Yorde, Public Relations Manager, Duluth Seaway Port Authority, made her way to the pilot house to take a look at some of Dayton’s pictures.
Later, Dayton downloaded the pics so you might see some of them in an upcoming issue of the Port Authority magazine.

The end is near ………

At 11:00 this morning (January 9, 2010) the Great Lakes tug North Carolina moved away from her moorings and headed down the harbor to await the arrival of the James R. Barker. The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge is up, awaiting the big 1,000 footer’s arrival. (more coming)
The Barker was here to pick up 58,000 tons of coal at Midwest Energy Resources to take to Marquette, Michigan. She is expected back here on Tuesday to go into winter layup at Midwest Energy.
With the Barker slowly making her way to the Murphy Fuel Dock (at right), the North Carolina doubled back to take a pass along the dock while the John G. Munson patiently watched the Saturday morning activity.