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The Duluth Christmas Day, 2009 storm

20091225_0714sm 20091225_0705sm
It will be remembered for a long time. With 22 inches of snow falling, helped along by winds over 50 mph and topped off with freezing rain, the day was one to remember, even if all the relatives didn’t make it to dinner. Ships were not moving in the harbor and only a few hearty souls made it down to Canal Park to get some pictures.
One cold soul had an advantage; Steve Sola lives on Park Point and owns the lighthouse next to the Aerial Bridge, providing a nice vantage point to watch the action. He was also in a good position to follow one of those big waves that enter the ship canal quickly and branch out over the top of the wall. We stitched 3 of those pictures together (above) as he shot the same wave at 3 different points along its journey through the ship canal.
But with wind gusts over 50 mph, moving his camera through the lighthouse door at the top was worse than swimming upstream in a heavy current. After two hours of moving out, snapping a picture and retreating quickly to the ‘warmth’ inside his lighthouse, he was able to get some nice pictures of his neighboring lighthouses.

The calm after the storm …


Monday morning, December 28th found the Presque Isle basking in the sun just beyond the Duluth piers, waiting to load iron ore pellets at the Two Harbors CD dock for Ecorse, Michigan.

The John G. Munson came into port for her winter layup at 1:30, Sunday, December 26th, 2009.


The BBC Italy departed the Twin Ports on Friday evening, December 18th with …

… grain after discharging wind turbine equipment at the Port Terminal. (BBC Italy)

One boat out, two waiting

The American Century slide under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge around 9:15 on Thursday morning with 64,000 tons of coal for Ontario Power Generation. As she left the ship canal, the Edgar B. Speer was at anchor waiting for a dock at Two Harbors and in front of her, the Manitowoc was waiting to come in to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth.

BBC Italy becomes the last saltwater ship of the season

With cold weather and ice in the Seaway, and after many delays, the BBC Spain, originally headed for the Twin Ports, will divert to Texas to discharge her wind turbine equipment. When the BBC Italy departs Duluth, perhaps on Friday, she will be the last saltwater ship of the season. She arrived here on Sunday to discharge wind turbine parts. Above, the discharge continued into Monday. She is now loading grain at Harvest States.