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Heritage Marine gets a second tug

Heritage Marine bought a second tug for their fleet. Called the Ares, Heritage Marine owner Mike Ojard brought her to Duluth on Tuesday, October 27. 2009. She had been used as a supply tug for oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Heritage owner Mike Ojard had the tug’s hull reinforced in New Orleans to increase her ice breaking capability up here. A bow thruster was also added to the vessel. She was then convoyed up the Mississippi River and into the Illinois River and up to Lemont, Illinois as a part of a tug barge combination. Ojard took it from there, bringing her up Lake Michigan and across Lake Superior to Duluth. Two years ago, Ojard purchased the tug Forney, brought it up here and renamed her Edward H. after his father, who was the chief engineer on the Edna G.

Mauthe returns as the Pathfinder

The J. L. Mauthe was built at River Rouge, Michigan in 1953. After a long and steady career, she entered layup at Fraser Shipyards in Superior in 1993. On the last day of 1996, she was towed from Fraser to the Bay Shipbuilding Company to be converted into a barge called the Pathfinder. At about the same time, Interlake Steamship also built the tug Dorothy Ann. They entered Great Lakes Service in 1999 as the barge/tug combination Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder. They arrived in Duluth to load coal last night (October 21, 2009), their first trip here as a tug barge combination. Captain Gary Schmidt and First Mate Jeremy Mock made sure the Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann had a safe passage through the wind, the rain, the snow and the ice last night.

No beer today for the Rega

regautviken10172009Above, the Utviken, top, and the Rega, were at anchor off the Duluth piers waiting to load grain at CHS in Superior. The Rega, built in Poland in 1995 as the Fossnes by a Norwegian company, was sold in 2002 to the Polish Steamship Company where she received her current name. She made many trips here as the Fossnes but was here only once before 2009, in August, 2002 as the Rega. As the Fossnes, she loaded many cargos of barley at the Cargill Terminal in Duluth. Those cargos were shipped by AnheuserBusch to England to make Budweiser beer. In their ads, the company said no matter where in the world you were, your Budweiser was brewed with barley from the Midwest. I can vouch for at least part of the claim. On her August, 2002 trip here, the Rega loaded wheat for Barcelona.

Welcome to the Arthur M. Anderson

arthurmanderson20091012_3732 The Arthur M. Anderson spent the winter layup in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and didn’t leave for work until last month around September 23. She arrived in Duluth today (October 12, 2009) for the first time this season with a cargo of limestone picked up in Stoneport, Michigan. She will leave here to load iron ore pellets in Two Harbors for Conneaut. She was last here on December 23rd, 2008.

A lot to see

sollabarkerlighthouseWhile I was taking pictures from the blue line in the new hockey arena they are building at the DECC in the afternoon of September 4th, I took a picture of the Aerial Lift Bridge (upper left) while the James R. Barker was coming in. The arena will soon be covered so the picture may remain the only picture of the Lift Bridge ever taken from the blue line. I should have been at the ship canal. I am after all, the Duluth Shipping News and not hockey news.

I had a team working the ship canal for me from two very unusual spots. The inner South Pier light was recently purchased by Steve Sola, giving him one of the best angles for boat watching we have here. That’s him on the left, standing on his light taking video with his phone. Dale Sola, Steve’s Dad, was taking pictures of his son taking pictures of his Dad from the pilot house of the Barker as he and his wife Betty were coming back from a trip to Marquette with coal. Take your pick of which of those two spots you would like to be standing to take a picture.

But there’s more; check out the video below, taken from Steve’s phone, of the Barker coming in. Make sure you watch all of it for a unique look at Steve’s lighthouse.

After making the turn up the Duluth harbor, Dale was still taking pictures. Below, from left to right you see; the outer South pier light, the near South Pier light, the Lift Bridge, the South Pier Inn (not surprisingly owned by the Sola’s), and above the Inn, the salt water vessel Federal Hudson, at anchor off the Duluth piers, next to a so far unidentified vessel.


The McCarthy follows the Algosteel into port …

algosteelwalterj20091004_3684 … on Sunday, October 4th, 2009. Still, the bridge went down after the Algosteel cleared and then went back up a few minutes later for the McCarthy. This was the first trip here this season for the Algosteel; she was here 4 times last season. It was the 23rd arrival in the Twin Ports for the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. The McCarthy was here to pick up coal, as she usually does. The Algosteel loaded iron ore pellets.