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WDSE toured the Clelia II on Saturday while I followed behind. You can see it on Venture North on November 12th at 8 pm

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20090829_2186Clelia tour manager Nina Padden gets ready to lead the tour with Videographer Judy Morrissey behind the camera and Writer producer Greg Grell out of sight on the right.  That was not the first time I followed Judy around. Back in April, 1996, I was behind her trying to stay out of the way as she was getting video for the WDSE  award-winning documentary, Working Waterfront: A Harbor Portrait. In the picture at the left, we are judywdseapproaching the Federal Fraser at anchor off the Duluth piers, ready to go up the gangway so the WDSE crew could record the Fraser coming under the Lift Bridge. I am proud to say that I was able to get in front of Judy going up the gangway and it paid off. I made the final cut, there is at least 3 seconds of me climbing up the gangway. Just below is a picture i took of the ‘rest of you’ way down on the ground from way up in the pilot house of the of the Federal Fraser (now the Spruceglen).

Then and now

On Friday, August 28th, Commander Beverly Havlik (second from right) stopped by with her mother (center). Beverly commanded the Coast Guard cutter Sundew from June, 2000 until June, 2003. The Sundew is now a museum, located just in front of the William A. Irvin, and is operated by the DECC. Erik Akervik and Tom Kanzier, from the left, are tour guides on the ship. At right, John Clark works on maintaining the ship. They had a lot of questions for Bev; like where can we find the key to this place, what does that thing do, what is this connected to etc etc. She had a good answer for all questions.

Clelia II arrives Duluth early Saturday morning, August 29, 2009.

clelia20090829_1964 After waiting for the Cason J. Callaway to depart under the Lift Bridge, the cruise ship Clelia II arrived for the 5th of 6 trips she will make to the Twin Ports. The Marinus Green can be see at anchor off the Duluth piers to the left of the ship.

The Kaministiqua, formerly the Voyageur Pioneer, formerly the Lady Hamilton.

ladyhamkamisvoypioneercollage The Kaministiqua  came under the Lift Bridge on Sunday evening, August 23rd, 2009, to load grain. She left port on Tuesday, August 25th (right). She started life as the Saskatchewan Pioneer in 1982 when she was launched in Glasgow. She was built for salt water and Great Lakes work, allowing the ship to work the oceans during the two months of winter when the Great Lakes are closed. The first ocean trip (after the initial trip from Scotland) left Duluth on November 14, 1983 for France. She visited Duluth many times after that as the Lady Hamilton (center). From 2006 to 2008, she was the Voyageur Pioneer (upper left). In 2008, she was sold again and visited Duluth in September of that year as the Kaministiqua. Larger version

Charles M. Beeghly came to Duluth on Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Atlantic Erie comes in for coal.

atlanticerie20090822_1699 On Saturday morning, August 22, 2009, the Atlantic Erie moved between the Duluth piers on her way to Midwest Energy Resources in Superior to load coal for Nova Scotia Power in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Beeghly makes it to Duluth for first trip this season.

charlesmbeeghly20090821_1656 The Charles M. Beeghly arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge last night (Thursday, August 20, 2009) at 11:22 on her first trip of the season to the Twin Ports, and her first here since she was repowered last winter at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Two big 6-cylinder diesel engines replace her old steam powered means of propulsion. Owned by Interlake Steamship Company of Cleveland, she was built in 1959 in Toledo and is 806 feet long. This trip is the first of 3 visits to the Twin Ports to load coal for Minnesota Power in Taconite Harbor. She will return on Saturday and again on Sunday before heading off to other ports of call in the Great Lakes.