Algoisle loading grain

The American Century has probably arrived by now and is loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. The Algoisle was due around 6 a.m. today to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth, just across the St. Louis River from Midwest Energy. They will be the only inbound traffic today, and later in the afternoon, they both will become the only outbound traffic for the day. The Algoisle is pictured while loading grain at the CHS 2 terminal in Superior. Notice the wide, angled bow, typical of oceangoing ships that are built to cut through large waves. The Algoisle was built in Cork, Ireland, in 1963. Photo taken on November 07, 2004. As of April, 2011, Algoma Central lists her as “not in service”.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-12-2009
Kenneth Newhams :