New to the crew

“How can I get a job on a ship” is a question I am often asked. I now have the answer! Pictured are 3 marine techs from the Lake Guardian, a research vessel operated by the EPA. It is here to host a 7-day Lake Superior cruise for 4th through 10th grade teachers that will leave on Tuesday, July 7th. The ship has been at the DECC but will move over to the Corps of Engineers dock while the Denis Sullivan and Clelia II are in town. Pictured above are 3 recently hired crew members on the Lake Guardian – from the left, Johna Winters, Steve Delworth and Meridith Berghauer. They are marine techs and assist visiting scientists, and next week teachers, in using the scientific equipment on board the ship. All three independently found their job within the last year on Craig’s List, the online classified section. They of course had to be qualified and then apply for the job and get accepted, but they found their jobs on Craig’s List. Johna and Meridith both have Bachelor of Science degrees while Steve had extensive experience in the Navy. Before getting her job on the Lake Guardian, Meridith worked for 3 years on the Denis Sullivan, the tall ship now in port. Photo taken on July 02, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-03-2009
Kenneth Newhams :