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Gott goes under the Aerial Lift Bridge

The Edwin H. Gott came under the Lift Bridge around 5 pm on Wednesday to first get fuel at the Murphy Fuel dock at the Port Terminal and then move down to the BN dock to load iron ore pellets for Gary. The thousand foot long Gott will be joined by 3 more thousand footers today. Actually the Paul R. Tregurtha has been here for repairs but was expected to begin loading coal last night and will likely depart this morning. The Presque Isle is expected here this morning to load iron ore pellets, and later today, the Indiana Harbor will be here to load coal. Photo taken on June 24, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-25-2009

Exclusive: Airplane flies under Lift Bridge. Not!

foldedwing20090625_8172  I received a call about an airplane of some sort and the Lift Bridge and of course assumed I was getting that big scoop – 50 years from now, people will look at the Duluth Shipping News picture taken way back in 2009 and say Wow; remember when they showed that picture on CNN and then it won a Pulitzer too.

Well, I misunderstood but it l took me a while to figure it out. I thought they were offering me a ride. No. They were going to the air show at the Duluth DECC and they flew into Sky Harbor airport, put the plane on a truck, folded the wings, and took off (pun intended) for the DECC. Not sure why they called me, but finally I realized what was going on. To get to the DECC from Sky Harbor, you have to go over  (or through) Lift Bridge.

So like the news hound that i am, i walked out and got the picture. They did close the bridge to traffic while the wide load came through.

The plane is made by Glasair Aviation. It is a kit, and has a folded wing option. A video on their site shows an retired couple driving their motor home down the road with their plane on a trailer behind it.

You see here exclusive photos of the Sportsman 2+2 coming over the bridge, alas, not under it.


Presque Isle comes in with the sun.

Actually, this is late June and she came in long after the sun arrived, just a little before 8 am on Thursday, June 25, 2009.