Edgar B. Speer gets a very special Father’s Day greeting

Sunday was Father’s Day, often not so happy for families where Father is on a boat somewhere on the Great Lakes. But Edgar B. Speer captain Daniel Rentschler and third mate Thomas Lanthier were lucky. Rentschler brought the Speer into the Duluth ship canal early Sunday afternoon and was greeted by a lineup of happy kids holding banners wishing both fathers a happy day. From the left is Sarah Rentschler, the wife and mother, followed by their 2 children Gretchen and Ethan. Gretchen is under the sign with her hands over her ears. She knows what is coming; her father is about to blow the boat’s whistle. Going down the line, Tom and Chandra’s 4 children: Curtis, Paige, Kassidy and Dylan (the last two mostly hidden behind their banners). Chandra is not seen in the picture; she was taking a picture. Sarah and Chandra then took all the children over to the boat where they wished father a Happy Fathers Day with hugs instead of banners. Photo taken on June 21,2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-22-2009
Kenneth Newhams :