Mackinaw comes out of dry dock, departs under the Lift Bridge

The Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw left Fraser Shipyards today (June 16, 2009), seen above going by the H. Lee White on her way to the Lift Bridge. This at 11:30 this morning. She is still in the area off the piers, checking out the repaired Azipods; not sure they will leave if everything is ok, or whether they will come back in. (Note at 4:00; after moving around just outside the Duluth piers, she has gone out into the lake, on her way, I presume, to her next job.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice pic of Mackinaw against the hills and silos! The low foredeck really is obvious in this one. She must be a dream for plucking buoys up and fixing 'em compared to before.

    Since she didn't come back, things must be doing OK with whatever maintenance mojo they were invoking.

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