Alexia at anchor

First light on Saturday revealed the salt water ship Alexia at anchor off the Duluth piers (above). It should be there most of today before coming in late this afternoon to go to the CHS dock to be ready to load spring wheat on Monday morning. Late Monday evening, it is expected to depart, taking the wheat to a port on the eastern coast of Italy, possibly Ravenna. The international grain trade is a complicated business and is sometimes hard to predict too far in advance. A shipper may have a variety of orders to fill and more than one ship on the water with the correct cargo. A new order may appear that is closer to a ship that was going to another port. It may get switched to the new port while a second ship will be directed to the first ship’s original destination. The Alexia in this case, may get to the mid-Atlantic before getting the final destination for their cargo of spring wheat. Photo taken on June 13, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-14-2009
Kenneth Newhams :