American Courage here with limestone

The American Courage came under the Lift Bridge late Thursday afternoon (above) with a cargo of limestone. It is the first visit since September 9 last year. It usually makes 3 or 4 trips a season, spending most of its time in the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland. It is one of about four Great Lakes freighters that load taconite brought down by bigger boats that cannot operate in the Cuyahoga River. These ‘river boats’ pick the pellets up at the mouth of the river and take them to steel mills about 6 miles up river. Early risers might be able to catch two research vessels leaving the port for extended trips into Lake Superior. The Blue Heron may depart around 7 am this morning and the L.L. Smith, Jr., a couple hours later. Photo taken on June 11, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-12-2009
Kenneth Newhams :