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A chance encounter

It’s not often I run into someone who grew up in Oakmont, Pennsylvania while I am delivering my newsletters at the Ship Canal. But this morning, there was Jill Landwehr standing with her husband Jerry ready to watch the James R. Barker come in to load coal. We decided to take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other. I put two together above to get the boat coming and going. Both are retired teachers living in Morris, Minnesota. They met on a dude ranch in Wisconsin and they have been and still do live on a hobby farm with 2 horses and other animals. And yes, I lived in Oakmont for 2 years but never met Jill until today. Fancy that!

And the lineup continues

The Adam E. Cornelius was expected to arrive early this morning to load wheat at Harvest States. All the other traffic today will load coal. Last night two Canadian boats were waiting in the harbor for the Atlantic Erie to complete loading coal. The Canadian Olympic came under the lift bridge (above) at 6 pm to line up just behind the Atlantic Erie while the Canadian Progress was in line at the inner anchorage. The American Integrity was waiting at the outer anchorage and the James R. Barker was headed for the anchorage from Taconite Harbor. The American Century was out in the lake behind the Barker. One other Canadian, the Algosoo, was expected earlier this morning to join the line somewhere. Photo taken on June 03, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-04-2009

In line at anchor

Thursday morning on June 4, 2009: there are two boats in the harbor waiting to load coal (American Century and the Canadian Progress) and outside the Duluth piers, the Algosoo (left) and the James R. Barker (right) also wait to load coal.