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Two Wagenborg ships get longer

The Nassauborg has been loading beet pulp pellets at General Mills in Duluth (above) but this past winter, she was in Zhoushan (China) getting more footage added to her length. In the picture below, courtesy of Captain Menno van der Groen, both the Prinsenborg (foreground) and the Nassauborg, just behind the Prinsenborg, are in drydock for the upgrade. They went in at 468 feet long and came out over 570 feet long. According to the captain, the addition will add to their cargo space without increasing their draught, thus maintaining their ability to service shallow ports. The upgrade will not change the ship’s fuel consumption or speed.

Boats waiting at anchor for a spot in line

The Canadian Transport (above left) and the Indiana Harbor (above right) were at anchor most of Monday waiting to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources. The CSL Laurentien was waiting at the Port Terminal for the James R. Barker to finish loading coal, probably late last night. That would put the Laurentien completing around 3 am this morning, leaving the berth open for the Canadian Transport to come in. The Indiana Harbor may get to the berth late this morning after the Transport departs. That would put it leaving in the late afternoon or early evening, thus ending Monday’s lineup of boats. That will give a rather late start to today’s boats arriving to load coal: the Walter J. McCarthy Jr., Atlantic Erie and Canadian Olympic. And yes, there will be 3 more on Wednesday, including the James R. Barker, the boat that was first in line Monday. After a quick trip to Taconite Harbor, it will likely be at the end of today’s line waiting to load coal. Photo taken on June 01, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 06-02-2009

July is only 28 days away

Spring is here, at least if you only look at pictures. Pretty yes, and cold, yes too. July is only 28 days away. The Indiana Harbor sits just above the observation deck at the Radisson Hotel. She is waiting to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior.