L.L. Smith Jr. and young passengers

The L.L. Smith Jr. entered the Duluth ship canal on Thursday afternoon (above) with a bow full of 5th graders from the Bryant Elementary School in Superior. The Smith is a research vessel owned by the University of Wisconsin that provides environmental education programs during a 3 hour cruise in the Harbor, on the St. Louis River and out on Lake Superior. This was the second trip of the year for the Smith but the first one that included Lake Superior. High winds kept them off the lake on their first trip on Tuesday. Another research vessel, the Blue Heron, is expected to return from a two day trip this afternoon. The Blue Heron is owned and operated by the Large Lakes Observatory at UMD. Photo taken on May 21, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-22-2009
Kenneth Newhams :