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American Century departs via Duluth canal

The American Century was expected early this morning and was probably loading coal as the sun came up. It is seen above departing the port in April, last year. It should finish early this afternoon. The American Integrity is also expected today, just before noon, and should depart shortly before midnight. These two boats have followed each other since they both arrived in the Twin Ports on April 24th. Departing here with coal, one came back on May 1st and the other on May 2nd. On May 8th, they both came back and on May 14, one arrived; on May 15, the other came. Today, they are both back in the Twin Ports. Both loaded 64,000 tons of coal and both are taking it to Detroit Edison in St. Clair, Michigan. That means we will see them both back in about a week. They are both thousand footers and were both purchased from the Oglebay Norton Company by American Steamship in 2006. Aren’t you glad someone is keeping track of this for you? Photo taken on April 09, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-21-2009

Summer daily edition of Duluth Shipping News getting ready to print at Service Printers in Duluth

Friday, May 22nd signals the return of the daily edition of the Duluth Shipping News, being printed now (Thursday) at Service Printers. Above, the first page is at left, the back page at right. I will fill in the white space on the front side each day with schedule information, pictures and stories about the boats coming to Duluth Superior this summer. Below, the clean white paper will fly through their offset press, each sheet has 8 pages of the newsletter. They turn them over and do it again on the other side, cut it and bring it over later today (Thursday); about 116,000 copies for 110 editions this summer. It make me tired just thinking about it.