The Ramon de Larrinaga, represented by the tug Edward H., came into port on Sunday afternoon exactly 50 years after the original Larrinaga came in 1959.

She was the first deep-draft oceangoing vessel to arrive here after transiting the length of the newly opened St. Lawrence Seaway. Just below, the tug Edward H. carries the Larrinaga banner under the Lift Bridge.
Leo Franklin (below right) was there on Sunday and he was there 50 years ago serving as deck boss, in charge of loading the English flagged ship. Melissa Ganje, Fox 21, found Leo and interviewed him while Fox 21 photograher Carrie Kohlmeier (unseen at left, behind the camera) recorded it all. Leo should make the evening news. He shared some of the adventures he had while loading the first large salt water ship to come to Duluth. In the background at left his wife Carol looks on. More about her later.
Katie Nordeen, WDIO reporter, above middle and  at left, was in the neighborhood. She knows a good story when she overhears part of one, so she talked with Leo next while WDIO photographer Kyle Aune records the conversation for the news.
Leo does not operate alone. He is a team with Carol, above left, his wife of 60 years. Melissa Ganje, Fox 21, also knows a good story when she hears a part of it. While the WDIO cameras were on Leo, Fox 21 was rolling with Carol. She knows almost as much as Leo does. She was born in England and took special delight in the ship since it was from England. You just have to stand beside them and you will learn all you want about ships, engines, cargo, union activities, Duluth and more. Between them, they have the last 50 years of shipping history in Duluth recorded in their brains and they are happy to share the information. (P.S. Their son Paul was also there. I found him very interesting but he will have to wait for another day.)
Reading left to right in the picture just above, the entire cast is at work. From the left, Carol, Melissa, Carrie, Leo, Katie and Kyle.
Kenneth Newhams :