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Paul R. Tregurtha working Lake Superior

The largest boat on the Great Lakes, the Paul R. Tregurtha, has been spending a little time on the local, Lake Superior shuttle. It was expected in this morning after delivering a cargo of coal to the Minnesota Power station in Taconite Harbor. It will load coal today for WE-Energies in Marquette. Then on Sunday, it returns to load coal for Detroit Edison, its usual … [Read more...]

A ceremony to recognize

A ceremony to recognize the anniversary of a Coast Guard rescue attempt is scheduled for Thursday, at 2 p.m., just outside the Lake Superior Maritime Museum in Canal Park. The ceremony will honor Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Edgar A. Culbertson (left) who lost his life while trying to rescue 3 boys just off the Duluth piers during a April 30, 1967 storm , Click here for Coast … [Read more...]

American Mariner here for coal

The American Mariner came into port late afternoon on Tuesday (above). It was expected to depart very early this morning taking a cargo of coal to We-Energies in Milwaukee. This is the third trip here this season. Last season, it made 11 visits to the Twin Ports. The Paul R. Tregurtha left here on Tuesday morning with coal for Taconite Harbor. It is discharging that today and … [Read more...]

John G. Munson

The John G. Munson came into port on Monday afternoon (above) with cargo loaded in Ashtabula. After discharging that, it will move over to the Midwest Energy coal dock to take on a load of coal for Marquette. It was built in 1952 with a self unloader on the deck, unusual for a boat built in the 50's. It was 666 feet long, making it the largest self unloader on the Great Lakes. … [Read more...]

Lee A. Tregurtha still fighting ice

Seven boats are expected to arrive in the Twin Ports today. The Lee A. Tregurtha, arriving earlier this morning to load coal, will be the only departure, probably later this morning. The last time the Tregurtha departed Duluth, on April 1st, it got stopped in the ice sheet just off the Duluth piers. The Alder was out to help but a west wind, late in the day, blew the ice away … [Read more...]