Duluth, winter boats

Thursday February 19, 2009:  We have 12 boats in port for winter layup but they are pretty hard to find and not very colorful. This winter, we have the added treat of the Edward H. She has been sitting quietly behind the DECC since the middle of January, adding some color to a landscape that is either white or gray or both.


  1. Jon Anderson says:

    I want to see the Roger Blough and The Arthur M Anderson we come to Duluth every Fall and I have been close at 2 Harbors to see the Anderson but never the Blough what do you suggest? I know thats a crazy question I love your site and I visit daily Keep up the great work.

  2. is that tug being scrapped or is it going back to two harbors?

  3. Pat Ojard says:

    The Edward H (as seen docked behind the DECC) is owned by my family. Originally the Army Corps of Engineering boat “Forney” was sold in 2003 and eventually bought by my father, brother and myself. The Edward H is named in honor of my grandfather who worked as Chief Engineer on the tug Edna G. We sailed the vessel from Manitowac Wisconsin in late Octobet of 2007 with a crew of six. We spent most of that winter and spring updating the drive and other systems on the vessel. With Coast Guard and other conflicts were not able to work the vessel until late November. We worked in ice breaking and ship assist service through “freeze-up” and will be working this spring in those capacities as well.

  4. I don’t know. Half the time, it is open, blue water for as far as you can see.

  5. Allen Wrage says:

    what`s the ice thickness out side the harbor??

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