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Bringing 50,000 year old wood to Duluth

The largest piece, 40 feet long, as it is just pulled out of the trailer. It will make a great table for someone. I heard about a shipment of wood that was coming to Duluth from New Zealand. We get cargo here from all over the world but this was different. This was wood that was in the ground 42,000 years before Lake Superior appeared on the earth. And that was 8,000 years … [Read more...]

Opening the shipping season on Lake Superior.

In the winter, Duluth is locked in by locks and usually by ice. In the dead of winter, the fleet of layup boats is limited to Lake Superior since the Soo Locks are closed. At the beginning of each season, and at the end, many boats, usually taking coal, take advantage of that additional time to travel between Duluth/Superior and Marquette, Two Harbors, Thunder Bay, Taconite … [Read more...]

Duluth, winter boats

Thursday February 19, 2009:  We have 12 boats in port for winter layup but they are pretty hard to find and not very colorful. This winter, we have the added treat of the Edward H. She has been sitting quietly behind the DECC since the middle of January, adding some color to a landscape that is either white or gray or both. … [Read more...]