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Alder going out to clear a path

The Coast Guard cutter Alder was back from an ice breaking trip to Thunder Bay on Thursday morning. Above, it is seen departing the Twin Ports for the trip to Thunder Bay on Monday. It will be out just after first light today to assist the Edwin H. Gott and the Edgar B. Speer into their layup berths at the Port Terminal. Both boats may be at anchor waiting for the Alder to clear the ship channel in the harbor. The Speer and the Gott will be the 11th and 12th boats to arrive in port for winter layup, and they will be the last boat traffic for the season. Photo taken on January 15, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-16-2009

St. Clair at Fraser for winter layup

This is the first day all season there is no ship traffic in the Twin Ports. The Edwin H. Gott and the Edgar B. Speer were expected but ice has slowed them down. They are through the Soo Locks and should be out on the lake by now. They are expected here very early on Friday morning. The Speer and the Gott will spend the winter at berths at the Port Terminal. Fraser Shipyards has five boats for the winter, one of which is the St. Clair (above). It is out by itself with the rest of Fraser Shipyards behind it and the Blatnik Bridge directly ahead. Photo taken on January 14, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-15-2009

Kaye E. & Lee A. close friends for winter

As of Tuesday evening, the Edwin H. Gott and the Edgar B. Speer were slowly making their way through the ice together, still below the Soo but making progress. They were not using any tug or Coast Guard assist but that could change as they head into the St. Mary’s River. The Canadian cutter Samuel Risley is ahead of them in the river, a good sign since the Risley is a very good ice breaker. Meanwhile, back in the Twin Ports, ten of the 12 winter layup boats are in port. The Gott and the Speer will be the last traffic under the bridge for this season. Above the Kaye E. Barker and the Lee A. Tregurtha are safely in port over at Fraser Shipyards in Superior. Photo taken on January 13, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-14-2009

Atlantic Huron arrives Duluth passing the Rear Range Light

The Alder left for Thunder Bay around 11:30 Monday morning. Shortly after that, the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin left for Nanticoke, leaving the CN dock free for the Atlantic Huron. It had been waiting at anchor before coming in around 12:30 Monday afternoon (above). The CSL Niagara was set to arrive today for iron ore pellets, but that might be canceled. If so, the two remaining arrivals are the Edwin H. Gott and the Edgar B. Speer. They are both moving very slowly in the vicinity of the Lansing Shoal Light in northern Lake Michigan, just below the Soo. As of Monday evening, the cutter Katmai Bay was on the way to help out. The Gott and Speer were due here Wednesday afternoon and could still make it. Photo taken on January 12, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-13-2009

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin arrives Duluth

The world here is slowly falling into place. The Alder came back from Thunder Bay. The last cargo of coal has left Midwest Energy Resources so the James R. Barker moved in for winter lay up after coming over from a temporary berth at the Port Terminal. And the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin arrived on Sunday afternoon (above) for its last cargo of iron ore pellets. Two more Canadian flagged lakers are still expected here to load iron ore pellets before the season ends. Photo taken on January 11, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-12-2009

Indiana Harbor and McCarthy docked for winter layup

The days are getting colder and the end of the shipping season is getting closer. Last year, the Mesabi Miner was the last boat to come in under the bridge for winter layup, arriving on January 21st. This year, it looks like next Wednesday will be the last day of the season. The Edgar B. Speer and Edwin H. Gott are expected in for layup on Tuesday, and the CSL Niagara is still set to arrive that day for iron ore pellets. It would likely depart on Wednesday, January 13th, a week and a day sooner than last season. All of this depends upon the weather, and the temperatures will be very cold at the beginning of the week. Above, the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. (left) and the Indiana Harbor (right) know enough to come in out of the cold. They are safely encrusted in ice in layup at the Port Terminal. Photo taken on January 10, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-11-2009