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Lee A. Tregurtha passes North Pier Light

The Paul R. Tregurtha came into port on Friday morning and waited at the Port Terminal for the James R. Barker to complete loading coal at Midwest Energy. The Great Lakes Trader also arrived on Friday and spent a good part of the day waiting in the St. Louis River for the Mesabi Miner to finish loading iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. Then, last night around 6 pm, the James R. Barker finished at Midwest and departed. Across the river at the CN dock, the Mesabi Miner finished loading iron ore pellets and departed. The Paul R. waited at the Port Terminal while the Barker and the Miner passed him buy on the way out and with a tug assist, went into the St. Louis River to load coal at Midwest Energy. The Great Lakes Trader had already moved into the CN dock to load iron ore pellets. The Lee A. Tregurtha, seen above entering the Duluth ship canal last January, watched all this from its anchorage just beyond the Duluth piers. It will eventually replace the Trader at the CN dock. Photo taken on January 11, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-27-2008