Joseph H. Thompson kicks up some ice fog

The tug barge Joseph H. Thompson departed Duluth on Sunday morning sending some birds from the thin ice into the air. With a cargo of iron ore pellets in the barge, it was completing its 23rd trip here this season. It was only here 15 times last year and 5 the year before that. When it moved out of the ship canal and into Lake Superior, the crew no doubt saw the Polish owned Irma at anchor, a sight we have not seen much this season. No other boats were active in the port. Late last night, the Kaye E. Barker was expected to pass by the Irma on its way to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal for Marquette. The Irma was expected to come in at first light this morning. Photo taken on December 07, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-08-2008
Kenneth Newhams :