James R. Barker exits with iron ore pellets

The James R. Barker left the port on Friday afternoon (above) with a cargo of iron ore pellets for South Chicago. The pellets were loaded at the CN dock in West Duluth. As happens sometimes, it was originally scheduled to load coal directly across the St. Louis River at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior, but the schedule was changed. Earlier this month, the Kaye E. Barker made 4 trips from Duluth to Taconite Harbor and Marquette. The St. Clair will pick up the local run later today when it arrives to load coal for the Minnesota Power Hillside Substation at Silver Bay. It will be back again on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, each time to pick up coal for Silver Bay. Winter is on the way and Silver Bay will be ready. Photo taken on November 28, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-29-2008

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