Great Lakes Trader departs with Joyce

Since 2003, there have never been more than 10 arrivals at the Duluth entry in one day. Since then we have had that many arrivals in one day 7 times. We have had 9 ships arrive in one day 9 times since 2003. Today should push that number to 10. During that time, the average number of daily ship arrivals at the Duluth entry is 3.84. Included in the mix today are two tug barges, two river class boats, two thousand footers and three boats between 730 and 770 feet long. The self-unloading barge Great Lakes Trader pushed by the tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort should be the first to arrive and may be gone by the time the sun is up.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-15-2008
Kenneth Newhams :