Callaway brings limestone

The Cason J. Callaway loaded limestone in Calcite, Michigan and arrived here on Wednesday (above) to discharge it at the Hallett Dock in West Duluth. It is loading iron ore pellets today and is expected to depart later in the day for Gary. Four other boats will be here today, all of them, like the Callaway, US flagged. To the end of September, we have had 15 more US flagged vessels here this season than last and 2 fewer Canadian vessels than last year. Every season is different depending upon a large variety of factors. This year, wind turbines are a big deal, grain apparently not. Most of our grain is loaded by foreign flagged vessels and we are down 56 vessel visits this season. The total vessel arrivals to September 30 is 796, last year it was 839. Photo taken on October 08, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 10-09-2008

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