Canadian Transport departs with crowd watching

To the end of June, we have had 402 ship arrivals in the Twin Ports this season. That is 7 less than last year. Through June, we had only 24 salt water ships here. That is 9 less than last year. Canadian trips in June are down by 6 and the US flagged vessel count was up 8. Last June, we totaled 131 arrivals; this year, we had 136. That is a modest increase over last year, but no increase was evident for the first two days of the long weekend, and today will not change that much. So when the Canadian Transport showed up at the Lift Bridge yesterday afternoon, and it was only the second daylight trip under the bridge for the day, a huge crowd (above) was at the ship canal to wish them well as they went out into Lake Superior with a cargo of coal. Even the balcony at the Marine Museum was packed.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-06-2008
Kenneth Newhams :